Frequently Asked Questions

All your burning questions answered

How much does the service cost?

It’s FREE to join the database when you sign up under the name of an Association your company is a member of. If we find you a strong match and you would like to be introduced, the fee is $29.

Why do you need the name of an Association I am a member of?

We have a referral program in place where Associations benefit by referring their members to By providing us the name of your Association, you are helping us, help your Association!

How long do I have to wait to find a match?

It depends. If a potential partner is already in our database, we will let you know within 24 hours. Otherwise, companies are signing up to the platform daily, so it won’t be long!

Why is the name of the partner withheld until I pay the fee?

The advantage of the platform is that only companies serious about finding a partner are included in the closed database. If the company names were not withheld, companies could use the platform for free marketing, without the intention of working together once matched. By paying the fee, both parties indicate they are mutually interested in working together.

What happens if I pay the $29 but the other party does not? Will I be charged?

No, you will not be charged. By accepting the match, you pre-authorize the $29 fee. If the other party does not accept the match within 7 days, the pre-authorization is cancelled and no payment is processed. Both companies remain in the database awaiting the next match.

What if there are companies I already work with, or know I don’t want to work with?

The brand questionnaire includes a section where you can indicate if there is a manufacturer you do not want to be matched with. This way, even though you will not know the name of the manufacturer prior to accepting the match, you can rest assured you will not be paying to meet a company you indicated you do not want to be introduced to.

If I sign up on, is this another sales channel I need to monitor?

No. Once you sign-up, we do the work for you! We will only send you quality leads that match what you are looking for, so you can rest assured that any leads we send you are qualified and that both parties are interested in working together.

What are the risks of signing up?

None! It’s free to join, it takes approximately 15 minutes to complete your company profile, and you only pay if both you and the partner accept the match! No risk, high reward!