How It Works

Flights, trade shows, cold calls and unreturned phone calls and emails – does this sound like your business development experience? Finding the right partners can be expensive, time-consuming and often frustrating….

At we make business development easier while saving you time and money. We connect manufacturers and brands. Only pre-qualified, serious companies are part of the paartners network so when you are matched, there is a really good chance of a connection. And most importantly, nobody knows who you are until you decide to let them know.

How does the pricing work? It’s free to join and costs $29 per introduction.

Sign up and build a detailed profile on your company using drop down menus. It's easy, but it will take 15-20 minutes. Just long enough to discourage tire kickers.

Tell us what you’re looking for in a Paartner. If you’re looking for a co-packer: what do their capabilities need to include? If you have production capacity: what can you do?

Our closed database is searched for your best match. It is 100% confidential. And if a good match is not found the search mechanism is proactive - it keeps searching as new paartners join the database.