What We Do

Paartners.com is a b2b online matchmaking service that connects brands or companies looking for manufacturing capacity with co-packers, contract manufacturers, or companies that have excess production capacity.

Launched in 2018, Paartners.com is an online B2B matchmaking portal. We create business development opportunities so companies can find qualified Paartners, quickly, cheaply, and with anonymity.

Think of us as an online dating site for businesses.

If you are a brand, finding the right co-packer can be an expensive, time consuming undertaking. And it often results in unwanted attention. On the other hand, if you are a co-packer looking for customers who need production, getting in front of them is also expensive and time consuming – if you can get their attention at all. Paartners.com discretely matches companies together based on their requirements and their capabilities. Unlike static, online directories that require you to do the searching – and often only result in you getting placed on spammer’s email lists – Paartners.com does the work for you. We will match you up with a company within our closed database – a database that is based on two facts: 1. the participants are prequalified; and 2. they are serious about wanting to do business. Most importantly, it is a confidential database – neither name is divulged until both parties agree to connect.